Alison Nicole Holiday Guide: Deck The Halls

Last we heard, the holidays were stressful af. Here are a few helpful tips to dress up your home for the holidays like a baller on a budget. Episode One: The one where Sara and Veronica get your home holiday ready (any Friends fans out there?).

Step one: Get yourself a tree

We’re all about being different and not following the not so traditional ways.

Black trees are all the rage this year. No, seriously. They’re chic, they’re edgy, they’re really freaking cool if you ask us.

If you’re looking to cut corners you can also do a smaller tree in a basket. Sounds weird, we know, but see above.


Step two: put a garland on it.

Garland is your bestfriend when it comes to the holiday season. Mantle? Done. Tree? Done. Tablespace? Done. Creative gift wrapping? Done. The list goes on. (pst, stay tuned for some more gift wrapping ideas to come).


Step three: Wreaths.

Curb appeal. The entrance of your home is a guests first impression. Whether you go out and buy one, or create your own, this is a quick and easy way to dress up your home for the holidays. The front door is not the only place that a wreath can do you some favors. Get creative with it, throw a wreath on your mantle. Deck up your walls. Use it as a centerpiece.


Step four: Pour it up.

Nothing says lame holiday party like a bar cart that is not properly stocked. Bring out the fancy glasses, embellish that ish with some themed bar tools. Add a garland. Add the eggnog and hot buttered rum and call it a day (delicious recipes to come in a future episode).


Step five: Easy transformations

There are some areas in your house that you likely forgot. Think the couch, this is where you want to add a pillow and a festive throw to put that final touch on your holiday-ready home. Add a wreath on that coffee table, put a candle in the middle and voila, that is your holiday coffee table.


Step six: Don’t forget the pooches.

You know that moment where they pull out all their toys and everything is on the floor? Yeah same. Well, that’s the perfect opportunity to top off the holiday cheer by throwing some holiday toys in the mix. You can’t forget those bandanas too.


Step seven: All of the lights.

We hope you started to sing that song. Lights are one of the cheapest things you can do to get the outdoors ho-ho-holiday ready. Girl, we are not opposed to hitting up your local Walmart. Seriously, we decked our house OUT for less than $20, gutter clips included.

Step eight: Stock up on the treats.

But don’t eat them all yourself! Make a party out of making the treats too. Call your girls over, bake some cookies, pop the holiday bubbly, throw on some tunes and have yo self a treat making party. Save some for the real party later.


Step nine: wrap them presents

Add a little va-voom to the tree by wrapping the presents early and using those as décor. It’s a real thing, we swear. Or remember when you went hard on Cyber Monday and have tons of Amazon boxes to show for it? No, just us? You can wrap these as well and put them under the tree- no one knows the difference!

P.S. this is a print out. You’re welcome.


And there you have it. Follow these simple steps and your home will be lookin’ ready for the holidays.

 More to come, you can’t think that’s all we got for you, right?