Alison Nicole Holiday Guide: Easy Recipes

The holidays can be a busy time on our social calendars, and sometimes overwhelming. Whether it’s having guests over to entertain, or the many parties you’re invited to. You’re much more likely to make an impression with something homemade over Suzie’s store bought cookies or Dan’s frozen appetizers he popped out of the oven right before the party. 

There’s no chance I’m making something if it doesn’t have two qualities  

1.     It better be easy af to make

2.     It should taste good, duh.

We’ve included a few easy recipes that will make you look like the ultimate hostess or partygoer.

Cranberry Mule: If you love ginger beer as much as we do, this recipe is for you. Who doesn’t love a good mule?


Brie Bites: What is a party without cheese? These cranberry and brie bites are so easy to make. No really, 20 minutes. That’s it.


Peppermint Oreo Truffles: Lastly, dessert. It doesn’t get much easier than something that doesn’t even have to be baked.